Approach to  A customer , Japan and Asia

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Practical Marketing to a Target  Customer —
We support  SMC( Small and Medium Company) business . 

We , Nacs ,  propose  a business collaboration to create your business working team. 
And organize the sales team , Study sales strategy  in scope of Global business environment which we call  Big Pictures .
 Our team is consist of experienced business persons, such as former  SMRJ advisor and professional consults, especially, Marketing  for  not only Japan but also Asia, EU and USA.
To create your business  , we start  from clarify  your standing base by  draw Big Pictures.

 In case , If you are looking for a chance to get a market,…. or find out your customers … 
 Nacs  will give you some hints .
We , Nacs,  support your business  especially  ASEAN  market ,  
To study , we draw a “Big pictures “ as for your business grand design,  i.e.,  Key words are Solutions  for  Partner, Bottle neck , Competitive market, Segmentation, Human Resource Motivation .  We design your business strategy to   a goal   which is  Share 65%( absolute Market control). 
To clear and  smart  way to get your market , with a minimum investment to Asia, Japan, we suggest to draw a Big picture of your business environments.   
Asia , where  is  filled with growing, prospecting business .
Nacs  , we suggest a  practical strategic  approaches to the Market , each of them are consist of easy and enable you to get satisfied  goal. 
It is “ hands-on” educations and—you actually feel—  our  experienced practical Approach.  Our suggestions  will give you a hints to approach  Target customer .  
Those information   will help you to approach to your market  , and contains on site practical approach to a Target customer with you.

We propose some  ideas by following  Big Pictures for your study.

 Nacs,  we will work with you as    your step-stone in Asia Market .  
 Transform your way of business to enjoy Global market.     

                                                                                                                                                          Fumio Okumura
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